Alberton Timber Tower

The current co-directors of Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant Pty Ltd, John & Luke Olarenshaw, have been producing treated pine products in Alberton, Victoria, since 1992.

At the time of purchase there was no post peeling plant & only one cylinder for CCA treatment.

Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant upgraded its peeling operations to provide a larger range and volume of pine post products to better cater to the agricultural, viticultural, construction and other related industries.

Due to the nature of the chemicals used in the process of timber treatment, our treatment process is performed under very strict guidelines.

The following table illustrates the environmental benefits of utilising timber compared with other building materials.

Material Energy used in Production (MJ/m3) Carbon Released (kg/m3) Carbon Stores (kg/m3)
Timber 750 15 250
Steel 26600 5320 0
Concrete 4800 120 0
Aluminium 1100000 2200 0